Chiropractic Testimonials

"Chiropractic care at Inspire is very amazing. I am a firm believer that chiropractic care is the solution for not just my physical needs but my mental health as well. Since I have been getting adjusted I feel great and this experience has allowed me to really understand how amazing the human body works.

Chiropractic care has also encouraged me to take care of myself more, not to mention the fact that I no longer get sick nor feel anymore lower-back pain is awesome to me. So I recommend chiropractic care to anyone that doesn’t like going to doctors or hospitals. Let your body heal for itself!"

- Marvin

"Caio and his mother, Shirley, were victims of an auto accident. One month later, Caio continued to suffer from daily headaches so his mom decided to bring him to the chiropractor. After a few specific, scientific chiropractic adjustments, Caio recovered from his headaches. During the course of his recommended chiropractic corrective care plan, Shirley learned about the benefits of chiropractic care for children…specifically children with asthma."

"Caio had been under a pediatrician’s care for chronic asthma and recurrent ear infections since birth. He consumed medication after medication looking for relief. He also had ear surgery where artificial tubes were placed in the ear canal to help with drainage and infection. One of the tubes nearly immediately fell out.

Since following the chiropractor’s recommendations and rarely missing an appointment, Caio has been able to reduce and even eliminate most of his medications, which included daily doses of Albuterol, Flovent, Flonase, Singulair, and Claritin.

Little Boy Breathing Better!
Caio’s mom said, “I wasn’t sure chiropractic would help him but to my surprise, he is doing much better. The results have been unbelievable.”

- Caio

"In the past I had been fearful of Chiropractic Healthcare and maybe a little skeptical as well. Dr. Andrew has totally put to rest any fears or skepticism that I had. Dr. Andrew explains and teaches what he is doing with each step in his Chiropractic care."

"I am a 13 year cancer survivor and have had severe hand pain due to chemotherapy side effects. While talking to my son Ryan about my hand pain he told me he had a friend, Dr. Andrew Nolt, who is a chiropractor, and he would ask his buddy if he thought he could help. Dr. Andrew called me and said yes, he thought he could help… so I have been seeing Dr. Andrew for a few weeks and I have had two pain free days and a steady decrease in pain level. The best was during a worship service I was able to clap my hands—hard—for a good steady five minutes praising the LORD!!! I haven’t been able to clap in years.

Other benefits have been a great reduction in migraine headaches. My migraines were mainly stress induced and any time I was “stressed” out I would have a headache. Now I’ve only had one headache after several weeks of very stressful conditions at work. That headache wasn’t anywhere near as bad as they had normally been. I thank God for how He is using Dr. Andrew and Inspire Chiropractic to heal my body!"

- Cathy

"While mulching my garden in May I hurt my shoulder. After suffering from shoulder pain that went down my arm and into my elbow, I decided that Tylenol was not the answer.

I met with Dr. Andrew for a consultation and after only 6 adjustments the pain in my shoulder and arm was completely gone! I wish that I had met Dr. Andrew sooner. He is a gentle, well-mannered, and very competent chiropractor. Trust him and he will help your body heal itself."

- Rita

"The non invasive, gentle but effective results from a happy , caring and special Chiropractor!! Great staff and they make you feel at home. NO long faces the times I've been there with my husband and He is a Gift from God!"

- Maria


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